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Atlas der schrumpfenden Städte, Weltkarte und Atlas, 2002-2004 [Atlas of Shrinking Cities, World Map and Atlas, 2002-2004]
Projektbüro Philipp Oswalt, processor: Tim Rieniets with Barbara Ascher, Caroline von Brück, Johanna Bornkamm, Christine Bruns, and Gabriele Seidel
The world map of shrinking cities shows which big cities (more than 100,000 residents) have shrunk in the last fifty years. In five chapters, the Atlas of Shrinking shows the various processes (demographic development, catastrophes, dwindling resources, etc.) that lead to urban shrinking.

City Portraits
Image and text panels, 2003-04
Projektbüro Philipp Oswalt, processor: Elke Beyer with Stefan Thimmel
A series of short portraits of shrinking cities all over the world displays the breadth of the phenomenon and the various reasons for and forms of shrinking.

Antje Ehmann, Michael Baute, and Harun Farocki, film historians and filmmakers, Berlin
Shrinking City Film
Installation in 7 stations, videotheque, 2003-04
In what forms are urban shrinking and deterioration depicted in film images and what functions do they have there? The authors of the film study collect film sequences from various genres and create an installation, a videotheque, and a film series for the exhibition.

Michael Baute, script editor and film journalist, Berlin, Antje Ehmann, film historian, Berlin, and Johannes Ehmann, historian and journalist, Bochum
50 Album Covers
Collection of album covers with audio installation, 2004
Black music of the early 1970s (soul and funk), punk from the late 1970s and the 1980s, hip-hop since the early 1980s, and techno reflect the city and the dangers to it, not only on the level of musical production. This grappling also takes place on the level of packaging and the artwork, with the preferred picture motifs of the city on the border to the country; the city that recalls the ghost towns of the Wild West; and the part of the city marked by decline and flight. A selection of the songs of the albums shown is offered as audible examples.

Christoph Schäfer, artist, Hamburg
You'll Never Walk Alone
Music box Wurlitzer "Rave On" with ca. 60 audio CDs and photos, 2004
While Liverpool shrinks, the city manages again and again to capture the imagination of the world. Whole blocks are ruins, but among them are street signs that everyone knows from song titles. The density of imagination and the absence of people.

Eleanor Bond, artist, Winnipeg
Life in Winnie
Painting, oil on canvas, 2004
Winnipeg serves as a site for a utopian impulse, the imagination of new possibilities for open and unused space, and the articulation of a complex answer to the shrunken city.

Game Arcade
With BürgerMeister (2003-04) by Raumtaktik (Friedrich von Borries and Matthias Böttger, architects), Berlin; WordWideWob (2003-04) by Pia Lanzinger, artist, Munich/Berlin; Xaga (2003) by Netzwerk e. V. Südwest, Leipzig; Der Nordring - Das Stadtumbau-Spiel (2002) by Stadtbüro Hunger, city planners, Berlin; Pankower Stagnationsmemory (1990) by Manfred Butzmann, artist, Berlin.

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