Team Detroit ///

Local curators /// Mitch Cope, Gallerist/Artist, Tangent Gallery Detroit
Kyong Park, Architect, Detroit / New York
(see also member of Curatorical team)
Dan Pitera, Architect, Detroit
Studied architecture at the Georgia Tech, Director of the Detroit Collaborative Center at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture, founded in 1995. Teaching experience at the University Berkely, and other institutions.

Authors /// Stan Douglas, Artist, Vancouver
Tyree Guyton, Artist, Detroit
Tammy Evans, Grafik Designer, Detroit
Chris Turner, Artist, Detroit
Ben Hernandez, Artist, Detroit
Andrew Zago, Architect, Detroit
Anette Weisse and Ingo Vetter, Artists, Berlin
Scott Hocking, Artist, Detroit
Derrick Gilbert, Ethograph, Detroit
Bob Anderson, Filmmaker, Detroit
Aurora Harris, Author, Detroit
Toni Moceri, Ethnograph, Detroit
Christopher Lee, Architect, Detroit
Jody Huellmantel, Artist, Detroit
Jeff Karolski, Artist, Detroit
Kelly Parker, Artist, Detroit
Mark Dancey, Artist, Detroit
Christopher McNamara, Artist, Windsor
John Ganis, Photographer, Detroit

Consultants /// Dan Sicko, Journalist, Detroit

Collaborating Institutions /// University of Detroit Mercy
Wayne State University

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