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Biennale di Venezia; Giardini, Venice

Contribution to the 10th International Architecture Biennial

September 10 - November 19, 2006

At the invitation of the curator Richard Burdett, the project was presented at the international section of the 10th International Architecture Biennial in Venice. The project Shrinking Cities stood in contrast to the theme of global boomtowns, the focus of the architecture exhibition “Meta-cities – Cities: Architecture and Society”. At the 105-square-meter Italian pavilion, the contribution introduced the theme of shrinking as a global phenomenon, showed its effect on the respective local situation, and distributed an exhibition newspaper providing glimpses of possible options for action.

In the framework of the Biennial’s opening program, the project office Shrinking Cities organized a thematic tour of shrinking Venice for journalists from Germany, Italy, and Japan. For Venice, too, despite its increasing success with the tourism industry, is affected by phenomena of shrinking and has lost 60 percent of its residents in the last 50 years.

For futher information about urban shrinkage in Venice please notice our digital publication: Working Paper: Case Study VENICE 2006-2007
Picture of the Shrinking Cities Room in Venice (Fotograf: Christoph Petras)

Download Catalogue Text: Cities. Architecture and Society. Catalogue of the 10th International Architecture/ Venice Biennale. Venezia 2006, page 316-323.

Pictures Wallpaper: stadtimbild/Christoph Petras, Berlin

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