Shrinking Cities Music ///

Palast der Republik, Schlossplatz, 10187 Berlin
In the framework of the project "Volkspalast" (Aug. 20 - Nov. 9, 2004).
In cooperation with the WMF, supported by the British Council, Berlin.
Music concept: Alexandra Dröner, Johanna Grabsch, Katrin Hallenberger; Theory/Film Lounge concept: Doreen Mende, Philipp Oswalt; Production manager: Andreas Sachwitz.

In shrinking cities like Detroit (USA), Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield (UK), and Izhevsk (RUS), significant music cultures (Punk, House, Hip-Hop, Techno, and Electro) arose precisely in the times of urban crisis. They have sometimes had a significant influence on the cities' development. Shrinking Cities Music acoustically and theoretically addresses the question how music production developed and established itself in shrinking cities. Are shrinking cities especially productive sites for music? How is the city reflected and thematized in music production? Shrinking Cities Music comprises discussion groups, live performances, and parties.

Program /// Th, Sept. 23, 7-10 p.m.
Panel 1 /// "Appropriating the City in the Post-Socialist Upheaval" (Ger.)
With Steffen Kache (Distillery, Leipzig), Ralf Donis (Ilses Erika, Leipzig), Oleg Bogdanov (Light Music, St. Petersburg). Moderation: Jörg Augsburg (POP UP, Leipzig).

Panel 2 /// "Reinventing the City through Music" (Eng.)
With Dave Haslam (DJ and author, Manchester), Drew Hemment (Future Sonic, Manchester), Jayne Casey (afoundation, Liverpool), Klaus Overmeyer (landscape architect, Berlin). Moderation: Philipp Oswalt (architect/journalist, Berlin).

Film Lounge ///
"Made in Sheffield", Director: Eve Wood, USA 2004
"Strange Früt", Detroit Culture Part 1, Rock Apocrypha, Destroy all Monsters USA 1998 and other films, all orig. vers.

Th, Sept. 23, from 10 p.m.
Music ///
Messer für Frau Müller Live PA! (What's So Funny About, Solnze Rec. / St. Petersburg),
Errors Live PA! (Glasgow),
Freeform Live PA! (Warp, Nonplace / Brighton),
Dave Haslam (Haçienda / Manchester), 
triPhaze + Rev. Benn Schipper (Privatelektro / Leipzig), 
Oleg Kostrov (Messer für Frau Müller / St. Petersburg)

Fr, Sept. 24, from 10 p.m.
Music ///
Clueso Live PA! (Four Music / Erfurt),
Tim Wright Live PA! (Novamute / Glasgow),
808 State DJ-Team (Circus Rec. / Manchester),
EU/2h Company (Chebu Rec. / St. Petersburg),
Rec de Weirl (Lanetic / Leipzig),
Miss Mira (Lanetic / Leipzig)

Sa, Sept. 25, 4-9 p.m. 
Panel 1 /// "The City as Originator (Independent Mainstream)" (Eng.)
With Jeff Mills (DJ, Detroit/Berlin), Dimitri Hegemann (Tresor, Berlin), Thomas Meinecke (journalist/musician, Eurasburg). Moderation: Alexis Waltz (cultural researcher, Berlin).

Panel 2 /// "Black Brand? (Image of Techno)" (Eng.)
With Nelson George (culture critic, New York), Justin Hoffmann (curator/musician, Wolfsburg), Diedrich Diederichsen (pop theoretician, Berlin). Moderation: Markus Müller (author/curator, Münster).

Film lounge ///
"Modulations", Director: Iara Lee, USA 2003
"The Last Angel of History", Director: John Akomfrah, Black Audio Film Collective GB/D 1995

Sa, Sept. 25, from 10 p.m.
Music ///
Richard H. Kirk Live PA! (Cabaret Voltaire, Mute / Sheffield),
FSK Live PA! (Disko B / FFM)
Dex (Underground Resistance, Detroit),
Franki Juncaj (Motech / Detroit)
AN 2 (Was Not Was, Izhevsk/St. Petersburg),
Lowtec (Playhouse, r.a.n.d. Muzik, Leipzig)

Admission /// to lectures/discussion/film lounge: 5 € per day
Admission to the music program (from 10 p.m.): Th: 8 €, Fr: 10 €, Sa: 12 €
Advance ticket sales: Ticket Office HAU 2 daily Noon-19 p.m., Tel. 25 90 04 27, or Ticket Office Palast der Republik, Schlossplatz, daily 3-6 p.m., Tel. 030-20 91 46 80, and at all ticket outlets.

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