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Complete Works 3: Case Study: Japan /// 

This free digital publication makes texts and studies available on the subject of shrinking cities in Japan. It is the first of its kind to provide concise insight into the Japanese discussion about processes of urban shrinkage, population loss, migration, aging, and declining economic performance.

The downloadable PDF files contain more than 300 pages of studies and research in Japanese and English by twentyfour authors. It provides information on the subject in general, on shrinking cities and demographic transition in Japan, and focuses on Hakodate/Hokkaido and other Japanese Cities. 

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Project-partner Hidetoshi Ohno (Tokyo University) is publishing in the coming weeks the book “SHRINKING NIPPON“ (Published by Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, 2008) based on the discussions during the Exhibition Shrinking City X Fiber City, Tokyo 2007. The book contains also a DVD, containing eleven films (Japanese/English, ca. 85 minutes) by Shrinking Cities. Besides an analytical documentation and mapping of the Hakodate case study, it provides a general introduction to the subject. It also contains an animated world map of shrinking cities as well as video documentations and dynamic mapping of five international examples of shrinking cities and includes both cultural studies and examples of models for action (with films by Antje Ehmann/Harun Farocki, Alsop Architects/squint opera, the complizen, the Chaos Computer Club, and others).

For people outside Japan, the DVD can be ordered separately for 20 Euro prepayment:

Shrinking Cities: Complete Works 1 available now! /// 

The Complete Works 1 consist of extensive research and exhibition material of the Shrinking Cities project Phase 1 in English/German/Russian on CD and DVD.

CD includes 2000 pages of texts by over 200 authors from the international study since 2002. In this period four local interdisciplinary teams have been commissioned to study and document urban shrinking processes in the urban regions of Detroit (USA), Manchester/Liverpool (Britain), Ivanovo (Russia), and Halle/Leipzig (Germany). Besides of planning issues the research also includes diverse cultural themes like musik, film, literature and live acts of different musicians.

DVD includes 12 film features (ca. 2,5 hours, German/English) by artists like Robert Andersen, Benjamin Miguel Hernandez/Chris Turner, Laura Horelli/Kathrin Wildner, Jody Huellmantel/DCDC, Kyong Park, Kelly Parker, Antje Ehmann, Projektbüro Oswalt/1kilo.

Price: CD (2000 pages, German/English/Russian) and DVD (2,5 hours) for only EUR 15,00 (excl. shipping cost).

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Introduction (pdf)

Part of the studies of "Complete Works 1" are available as pdf download

Shrinking Cities: Complete Works 2, Interventionen / Interventions /// 

Ed. Philipp Oswalt. With editorial assistance from Kristina Herresthal, foldout brochure with enclosed data media, German/English
ARCH+ Verlag GmbH, Aachen, 2006
ISBN 3-931435-03-2, Euro 20

2 DVDs with 23 films (total viewing time ca. 6 hours) - ranging from documentaries through art films to animation and advertising spots. The contributions address self-empowerment projects; artistic and media interventions; architectural, landscape, and urban planning models for action; subsidy and migration policies; etc.

Films by Will Alsop/squint opera, Anke Haarmann, Chaos Computer Club, complizen Planungsbüro, fiedler.tornquist, Gareth Morris, lucky kitchen, Isa Rosenberger, Christoph Schäfer, Gitte Villesen, and others.

1 CD with more than 2,000 pages of project documentations, studies and research in German and English: all the approaches to action newly developed in the framework of the project, including a comprehensive documentation of the contest "Reinventing Urbanism - Rethinking the City" with all participants in the second phase of the contest, as well as extensive research on existing strategies for action in the areas of architecture, landscape, art, media, performance, and local initiatives.

Introduction (pdf)

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