Frankfurt ///

Shrinking Cities: Nine Urban Ideas /// 

Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt (DAM)
December 8, 2007 – February 17, 2008

The presentation of the project Shrinking Cities at the Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt (DAM) focused on the architectonic and city-planning aspects of the theme. Based on nine city ideas, it explored the question of how we can imagine the future development of shrinking cities and what models are possible. Along with projects for Europe, North America, and Japan by contemporary architects, artists, cultural researchers, and social scientists, the most important concepts on shrinking that have arisen in the 20th century’s city planning debate were presented: those of Cedric Price, Oswald Matthias Ungers, Ginzburg/Barshch, and Superstudio.

A newly produced, free exhibition newspaper in German and English critically presented interventions that have already been carried out in shrinking European cities.

A third part of the exhibition, “Shrinking Hessen”, with three new contributions from bb2, Studio UC / Klaus Overmeyer, and two Technical University Darmstadt professors and their teams, as well as a series of events, revealed how Frankfurt am Main and the state of Hessen are affected by processes of shrinking.

The series of events, carried out jointly with bb22, was held at various thematic sites in the Rhine-Main area, for example a lounge at Frankfurt Airport, a retirement home, and a disused church.

The exhibition on shrinking contrasted with an independent exhibition on the boomtown, Seoul, South Korea. Together, the two exhibitions in the DAM attracted 18,000 visitors. The Frankfurter Rundschau, the Rhein-Zeitung, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), and other newspapers devoted major articles to the exhibition.

Contributions to the Exhibition /// „Urban Scan" (A. Schäfer); "Shrinking Cities Film" (A. Ehmann, M. Baute, H. Farocki); "Das grüne Stadtarchipel" (O.M. Ungers); "Shrink to Fit Magdeburg" (P-EP - Projekte Engelschall Pälmke); "Masterplan Duisburg" (Foster and Partners); "Remaking Barnsley" (Will Alsop Architects); "Grünes Moskau" (Barshch & Ginzburg); "Fiber City" (H. Ohno, University of Tokyo);  „Hollocore" (AMO); "Potteries Thinkbelt" (C. Price); "MetroSachs" (F. von Borries, W. Prigge); "Schkreutz" (SMAQ); "Superchannel/Coronation Court" (FACT/Superflex); "TV Stassfurt" (Visomat); "Non-Plan" (C. Price, R. Banham, a.o.); "Exterritories" (fiedler.tornquist); "Sonderwohlfahrtszone Forst" (J. Fezer, U. Rada, S. Lanz); "Sportification" (complizen); "Urban Agriculture" (I. Vetter); "Improve Your Lot" (Interboro); "Spielothek" (F. von Borries, a.o.); "Mediterranean Structures" (P. Huyghe); "Fließbandstadt" (Superstudio); "Stadtfresser" (raumlabor, A.C. Deville) sowie „Changing Niederrad" (bb22 - urbane projekte), "Suboptimal genutzt? - Hessens Nischen aktivieren" (Studio UC / Klaus Overmeyer), "Was wäre wenn...?" (TU Darmstadt / Markus Gasser, Adelne Seidel), "Die waren nie da" (TU Darmstadt / Julian Wekel, Maren Harnack)

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