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Shrinking Cities – Rethinking Regions /// 

Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund; Liebfrauenkirche, Duisburg

Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund / Liebfrauenkirche in collaboration with the Wilhelm Lehmbruck-Museum, Duisburg
February 17 - May 11, 2008

The Ruhr region is the best-known western German example of a process of de-industrialization and shrinking that has continued for decades. It is thereby also a prototype of a long tradition of state efforts to shape this process of transformation in a positive way. But the most recent prognoses indicate that, over the next 20 years, parts of the Ruhr will continue to suffer marked losses of population and demographic aging. The project presentation in the Ruhr area placed the situation there in relationship to the development in eastern Germany and the project’s other international sites of research.

The Museum am Ostwall Dortmund showed the international analysis, which now included the Ruhr region as a new case study. In collaboration with the Bertelsmann-Stiftung/ Aktion demografischer Wandel (action demographic change), an interactive data room was set up on the future of the Ruhr area and artistic photographs by Brigitte Kraemer and Bettina Steinacker were shown.

By contrast, the Liebfrauenkirche in Duisburg presented models for action, which included some projects from the Ruhr region. As in Halle-Neustadt, the use of the shut-down church provided impetus for a new cultural use of the site, as many people have called for.

In the extensive program of events, with more than 50 lectures, discussions, workshops, excursions, film screenings, concerts, and much more, a wide variety of local actors placed the Ruhr in the center of the debate.

The exhibition and accompanying program were realized with the intensive collaboration of the city of Duisburg, the Lehmbruckmuseum, and the Europäisches Haus der Stadtbaukultur Gelsenkirchen (European House of Urban Construction Culture Gelsenkirche).

The exhibition was attended by more than 12,000 people and gave the region long-term impetus: for the first time, the mostly disused Liebfrauenkirche was the site of a major cultural project. As a result, more exhibitions will be staged here and use the exhibition architecture that the project set up in the church. Two central Ruhr region contributions to the exhibition Shrinking Cities will be taken over by the Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen for a “Demografischer Infopoint Ruhrgebiet”.

Contributions to the exhibitions /// Museum am Ostwall:
CDN: Christopher McNamara, Stan Douglas; D: Michael Baute, Bertelsmannstiftung, Nikolaus Brade, Antje Ehmann, Johannes Ehmann, Harun Farocki, Laura Horelli, Brigitte Kraemer, Konrad Knebel, Projektbüro Philipp Oswalt, Albrecht Schäfer, Andreas Siekmann, Bettina Steinacker, Ingo Vetter, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Annette Weisser, Rochus Wiedemer, Kathrin Wildner, Tobias Zielony; GB: John Davies, Mike Figgis, G.L.A.S. (Glasgow Letters on Architecture & Space), Ken Grant, Dave Haslam, Aidan O’Rourke, Lee Thompson, Tom Wood; NL: Bas Princen; RUS: Sergei Bratkov, Savva Miturich, Sergei Miturich, Elena Samorodova, Vera Samorodova, Sergei Sitar, Boris Spiridonov, Alexander Sverdlov; USA: Robert Andersen, Mitch Cope, DCDC (Dan Pitera, Christopher Lee), John Ganis, Derrick Gilbert, Tyree Guyton, Aurora Harris, Jody Huellmantel, iCUE / Kyong Park, Toni Moceri, Kelly Parker

A: fiedler.tornquist arch+urb, Isa Rosenberger; CH: FLAG / Bastien Aubry und Dimitri Broquard; D: Autorenkollektiv / Wolfgang Engler, Stefanie Bremer, Friedrich von Borries, complizen, Jörg Dettmar, Jesko Fezer, Eva Grubbauer, Pia Grubbauer, Dirk Haas, Stephan Lanz, Latz+Partner, Wiebke Löper, Martin Luce, Joost Meuwissen, PE-P, Walter Prigge, Projektbüro Philipp Oswalt, Uwe Rada, Henrik Sander, Christoph Schäfer, Deborah Schamoni, Holger Schmidt, Andreas Schulze Bäing, Boris Sieverts, Springer & Jacobi, O. M. Ungers, Johannes Weisser; DK: Superflex; FIN: Päivi Kataikko; GB: Paul Cotter, FACT / Sean Treadway, Leo Fitzmaurice, Neville Gabie, Gareth Morris, Cedric Price, Heidi Rustgaard, Eike Sindlinger, SMC Will Alsop, Ulrike Steven, Susanne Thomas; NL: AMO / Rem Koolhaas, Crimson Architectural Historians

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