Press Releases ///

Shrinking Cities in Detroit:

- Project and Exhibition (pdf)
- Contributions to the exhibition (pdf)
- Side program (pdf)

Shrinking Cities in Tokyo:

- Press Release in english (pdf)
- Press Release in japanese (pdf)

Shrinking Cities in New York:

Press Release (pdf)
Detailed information about the exhibitions (pdf)
Contributions to the NY Exhibitions (pdf)

Archive ///
Shrinking Cities at the Venice Biennale 2006 (pdf)
Just released: Atlas of Shrinking Cities and Complete Works II (pdf)
Shrinking Cities Exhibition on World Tour (pdf)
Just released: Shrinking Cities Book Vol. 2 (pdf)

Shrinking Cities Exhibitions, Leipzig and Halle, Germany, 2005/2006 ///
General information about the exhibitions (pdf)
information about the exhibition "Shrinking Cities - Interventions" in Leipzig (pdf)
Information about the publication (pdf)

Shrinking Cities Exhibition, September 2004 in Berlin
General information about the exhibition (pdf)

 International Ideas Competition 
"Shrinking Cities - Reinventing Urbanism"
Press Notice (pdf)
Poster (jpg)

Press Conference in Manchester, UK
November 6, 2003
Presskit (pdf)
Including: Concept, Sides, First Projects, Manchester and Liverpool’s contribution to the international exhibition, Cooperating Institutions in the UK, Curatorial Team etc.

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