Late films in the Palast der Republik ///

Palast der Republik, Schlossplatz, 10187 Berlin
In the framework of the project "Volkspalast" (Aug. 20 - Nov. 9, 2004)
Concept: Antje Ehmann, Michael Baute.
Admission: 6 €, box office

Film history is full of breathtaking chase scenes through no-man's-lands, abandoned industrial zones and docks, and empty residential districts. Examples of films from various genres show how the movies shape our ideas of shrinking cities. They become cinematic interpretations for the Palast der Republik and visualize possible scenarios for this grandiose ruin.

Tu, Sept. 28, 11 p.m. | Science Fiction night: "Robocop"
Paul Verhoeven, USA 1987, 101 min. German version.
Robocop, a police officer awakened to artificial life, a synthesis between man and robot, chases through Detroit's streets seeking his murderer.

Tu, Oct. 5, 11 p.m. | Documentary film night (1): "Original Wolfen - Aus der Geschichte einer Filmfabrik"
Niels Bolbrinker, Kerstin Stutterheim, D 1995, 70 min. orig. vers.
For 80 years, film material was produced in Wolfen. All that remained of this in 1995 was a ruin. The history of the film factory comes to life in archive footage and recollections.

Tu, Oct. 12, 11 p.m. | Horror thriller night: "Candy Man"
Bernard Rose, USA 1993, 86 min. German version
Fear rules the ghetto. 21 murders, and the perpetrators are still on the loose. Rumor has it that the Candyman has come back from beyond the grave. A sociologist wants to investigate what is behind the urban legend. She will not have a chance to write her dissertation.

Tu, Oct. 19, 11 p.m. | Documentary film night (2): "Wittstock, Wittstock"
Volker Koepp, D 1997, 119 min. orig. vers.
With "Wittstock, Wittstock", Volker Koepp brings to a spectacular finish his twenty years of cinematic observations of life in the small city of Wittstock an der Dosse in Brandenburg.

Tu, Oct. 26, 11 p.m. | Gang film thriller night: "Shopping"
Paul Anderson, UK 1993, 107 min. German version
London in the 1990s. A new, brutal form of protest against consumerism has become worthy of film. Joyriding is the destruction and plundering of luxury shops from stolen cars.

Tu, Nov. 2, 11 p.m. | Artist film night: "Splitting", Gordon Matta-Clark, USA 1974, 11 min. "Day's End", Gordon Matta-Clark, USA 1975, 23 min. "Conical Intersect", Gordon Matta-Clark, USA 1975, 18 min.
All 3 films are silent.
The films document how the artist Gordon Matta-Clark divides, cuts up, or punctures a residential building in Englewood, New Jersey, a warehouse in New York, and a building beside the construction site of the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

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